DVD Release: June 7, 2016


After a shark attack leads to Cleo and Puffer‘s eight-legged octopus friend Ollie getting lost in the ocean, a fun-loving manta ray named Crash helps them search the sea to find their lost mate. Along their journey, they meet all sorts of fascinating creatures of the deep and learn about each and every one of them during their aquatic adventure.

Dove Review

“Fishtales” is a delightful, educational and entertaining film. The director, Evan Tramel, does the voice of “Crash,” one of the main characters, as well as several other voices. The plot focuses on a fish named Cleo and her friend Puffer, who worry about their octopus friend Ollie who was being pursued by a shark the last time they saw her. Cleo and Puffer meet up with Crash, who helps them try to find clues to see what happened to Ollie.

This colorful and vibrant movie features live-action scenes of actual fish and underwater life, combined with terrific animation. The voice actors bring the characters to life. April Rose is the voice of Cleo, and Dr. Anthony Quintarius is the voice of Puffer. The film includes many different sea creatures, including sea horses, seals, jelly fish, clown fish and sea turtles. The movie does feature some educational trivia, such as the oceans of the world being named: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic and Arctic oceans. Viewers should be pleased with the ending. This is a wholesome film for the entire family. One scene features a shark up close with its teeth, but that is the worst scene. “Fishtales” has earned five Doves, which we are glad to award.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Mention that sharks are pursuing an octopus; a shark is shown up close with its teeth; a mention that some undersea life includes predators.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: MVD Distribution
Writer: Lisa Baget
Director: Evan Tramel
Genre: Children
Runtime: 72 min.
Industry Rating: G
Starring: Evan Tramel
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter