The Colors of Emily

Theatrical Release: November 14, 2017
The Colors of Emily


Kate Montgomery is an art buyer in search for her next great client, but when she discovers ‘blind’ artist Emily Burton, Kate’s forced to re-examine her own life. It’s through Emily’s paintings where Kate begins to realize that something spectacular is happening in this tiny little town, and perhaps even to herself. But is Emily holding the colors to Kate’s masterpiece? Or, do we each paint our own pictures?

Dove Review

Elements of faith come to the forefront in this original drama.

Kate (Jenn Gotzon) is a selfish, troubled art buyer who arrives in the town of New Harmony by chance. Through her love of art, she develops a comradery with Emily Burton (Brittany Mann), a blind young artist with a mysterious past. As Kate’s visit prolongs, she delves deeper into the Burton family’s tragic history, unravelling the thread of conspiracy, murder and intrigue. The viewer is left just as much in the dark as Kate, and as she becomes more entangled in the mystery, you do too. There are cute lighter moments sprinkled in, including a budding romance and the relationship between Kate and Emily, which keep the film from being overly dark. Through the darkness, however, Kate really transforms into a more compassionate, virtuous individual. Although the film feels choppy, vague and awkward at times, the plot makes for a very fresh, family-appropriate drama with several twists to look forward to. Dramatic elements essential to the plot may be hard for young viewers to understand, so with that in mind, we are pleased to award the Dove Seal of Approval for Ages 12+. Gather together with your snack of choice and enjoy this family-friendly, faith-filled drama.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: A woman is attacked; a man is shot; flashback scenes to a woman being attacked; a man holds others hostage; multiple characters hold guns.
Drugs: A man acts as the town drunk and acts erratically
Nudity: None
Other: Discussion of murder, fires, threatening others, and other mature themes


Company: Fire Catcher Productions
Writer: M.T. Arnold
Director: Chip Rosetti
Genre: Mystery
Runtime: 102 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Cammie H