A Place Called Home

Theatrical Release: June 15, 1991
DVD Release: June 15, 1991
A Place Called Home


Tula Jeeters is a widowed belle who is losing her sight – yet she begins to see more clearly than ever before. There is a greedy niece and nephew trying to force her out of her house, so they can develop the property. Tula takes in father-daughter drifters Hank and Cali Ford to help her run it. While social worker Jan Kyles is on their side, and finds herself attracted to Hank dispite his reputation, Billie and Dave Jeeters are used to playing hardball to get what they want. But they haven’t counted on Tula’s newfound independence in this uplifting, inspirational drama of a woman who stops looking over shoulder, and starts looking straight ahead.

Dove Review

In this film you see both good and bad people and how they affect each other’s lives. One learns the importance of not giving up on life and moving on from past hurts, while a man and his daughter find love and a home in the most unlikely of places. While each person has a role to play in helping each other out they don’t realize the impact until much later. This film will grab your attention and keep you interested as it has a great story line and good acting. Hallmark did a great job on this family-friendly film.

Content Description

Sex: Kissing.
Language: D-1
Violence: Man is beat up ( punched and kicked).
Drugs: Some smoking and some alcohol consumed.
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Hallmark Home Entertainment
Writer: J P Martin, Frank q. Dobbs
Director: Michael Tuchner
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 88 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Debbie Satala