We Are Turning The Tables


Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to meet you here, and I’m thrilled to accept the Dove Foundation CEO position to help lead this great organization into the next season. We’re going to have lots of fun!

I have been affiliated with the Dove Foundation for many years, always believing in the potential of the mission. And our family has always loved great entertainment. In today’s media world, we have limitless choices, but high-quality content is increasingly hard to find. The role of the Dove Foundation sits squarely in that difficulty. How do people of high integrity, intelligence, and discerning values consistently enjoy fun evenings watching movies or television? With all the choices, how do we know which new releases are good investments of our precious time? How do we find new programming that we’ll love to watch and discuss and enjoy with our families?

We want to bring you fresh new ways to discover interesting stories and enjoy excellence in filmmaking. I also want to give you a place to discuss and share ideas with other people who also love entertainment and love God.

Typically in February, the Dove Foundation has joined the award-show-excitement and asked for votes for the Crystal Dove Award. This year we will pause the awards to re-think their purpose. Overall, in 2017 the Dove Foundation wants to build a new destination for you to enjoy entertainment even more, and our focus is pivoting slightly. We’re turning the tables. You are our celebrities; you are our studio-bosses.

We’re going to create a fresh and exciting new Dove.org., and the first order of business is to grow and expand the important resource of our reviews. With our excellent partners at the Dove Channel, we’ll deliver entertainment choices that let you sit back, relax, and enjoy fun, inspiring stories, filled with action, or romance, or sci-fi fantasy — whatever your preference might be for the evening. Notice our new logo design; simply joining the looks of the Channel and the Foundation, and aiming our dove upward.

Now we need to hear from you. If you’d be willing to engage in a conversation to help architect a new world of Dove, would you please let me know? In the coming weeks we will learn more about each other and together start to create a not-yet-seen, brand-new home for truly enjoyable entertainment.

Just go to this URL to join: http://j.mp/dovedesignpanel


Suzy Sammons Head Shot
Suzy Sammons, CEO
The Dove Foundation