actor: Aaron Eckhart

No Reservations

There have been several movies in the past that had the same basic theme in which the unmarried relative becomes a guardian for a child or children, and they don't have a clue as to how to raise the child. This shows that if anyone is put in that situation he/she might make mistakes and it may not [...]

The Black Dahlia

"The Black Dahlia" is a "who done it" crime film such that by the middle of the film you don't care who done it, you just wish for the film to end. There is no character development and it is hard to follow exactly what is going on. The story is not told very well and they try too hard to imitate [...]

Thank You for Smoking – Filtered

"Thank you for Smoking" was a well-put-together film about a man who endorses smoking for a living, promoting smoking and encouraging people to smoke throughout the film. The film had good acting- however, the message is not one you would want your children to hear. If the film was geared toward [...]

Thank You for Smoking

This is one of those films which does not come close to being wholesome family entertainment. It is a satire about a lobbyist who believes people have the right to do whatever they wish, even killing themselves with cigarettes. He is against stronger labeling on cigarette packages and his talent is [...]

Suspect Zero

Suspect Zero is a film that explores criminal and psychological themes. Among the most interesting and unsettling is the possibility that a serial killer exists who leaves behind no patterns or clues but simply missing persons and unsolved murders. The themes alone earn a caution to the film’s [...]

The Core

September 9, 2003
When the earth’s core stops spinning, it messes up the electromagnetic field surrounding our planet, which protects all life from the otherwise deadly invisible microwaves of radiation that bombard us. Without the spinning core we will have no electromagnetic field, which will cause the complete [...]