actor: Adam Sandler

Bedtime Stories

December 25, 2008

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is an imaginative movie, one the kids will love. The parents will find themselves grinning and laughing too. Adam Sandler, in quite a departure, becomes a nurturing uncle to his niece and nephew when their mother loses her job and travels to another state to attempt to secure employment. Not [...]

You Dont Mess with the Zohan

June 6, 2008
This film probably has something in it to offend just about everyone. It is filled with sexual slangs, innuendos and some scenes of rear nudity. Not to mention some very strong language. Although the characters at the end, some of which are Arab and others Israelis, talk of being like a family in [...]

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

July 20, 2007
This movie has something in it to offend just about everybody. I really went into it hoping to enjoy the inside jokes about the farce Larry and Chuck were attempting to pull off. But it has strong language, nudity, sexual innuendos throughout, deceit as a continuing theme of the plot, a comment [...]

Reign Over Me

March 23, 2007
When one thinks of Adam Sandler, a serious drama does not come to mind. In this movie Adam plays a very intense role and he does an excellent job in his portrayal as does Don Cheadle in his part. The story takes an in-depth look at one man's denial of reality after he loses his family on 9-11 [...]


June 23, 2006
"Click" is a comedy about a man who goes out to get a TV remote and comes home with a universal remote to control his universe. While there are a couple of funny scenes, I found many others to be childish and crude. It seems like Director Frank Coraci is into toilet humor. I think he missed even [...]

The Longest Yard

May 27, 2005
It seems to me that remakes are never quite as good as the originals. This certainly holds true with The Longest Yard. The plot and storyline are very similar but with some updating. The cast of prison guards and inmates are bigger, stronger, and meaner in the remake. It seems like every one of [...]


December 17, 2004
While I found this film entertaining and heartwarming, I cannot recommend it. The language is unnecessary as is the on screen sex scene. What can be taken away is that faithfulness is important in relationships as is an open dialog between spouses. The main characters never seem to connect on [...]

50 First Dates

February 13, 2004
A man of few scruples, Henry uses women for his own pleasure. But when he becomes involved with Lucy — and her mental disability — he transforms into a selfless boyfriend who goes to great lengths to love her and help her recover her memory. Unfortunately the quaint love theme is overshadowed [...]

Anger Management

April 11, 2003
"Anger Management" may not win critical acclaim, but the nonsensical antics, including a hilarious duet of “I Feel Pretty” sung by Dave and Buddy, may make this a winner at the box office. Most of the comedy focuses on crude bathroom humor, bodily functions, sexual insecurities and references [...]

8 Crazy Nights

November 27, 2002
This animated, musical comedy is being marketed to kids as a holiday cartoon, but it is crude, obnoxious, and a far cry from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Adam Sandler does an excellent job performing the character voices of Davey, Whitey and Eleanor, especially in the song titled “Technical [...]




- Dove Approved for Ages 12+