actor: Adrien Brody


A group of soldiers find themselves placed on another planet and they must deal with being prey for predator hunters who are advanced in their hunting methods, and who have a technology beyond that of the soldiers. Describing the predators as beasts is very accurate. The soldiers must learn to [...]


There are repulsive moments in this film, a science-fiction-horror flick that actually features some big names although it is what it is, basically not an Oscar-contender but a gross sci-fi flick which does boast top production values. Oscar winner Adrien Brody plays a brilliant genetic researcher [...]

The Darjeeling Limited

This film by Wes Anderson has a lot of the same supporting cast as was featured in his film, “The Royal Tenebaums.” The starring cast consisting of Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, and Jason Schwartzman are suited well to his unique filming style. However, this film lacks a feeling of motion [...]


This story line was interesting and even fascinating at times as it unraveled three possible scenarios regarding the death of actor George Reeves, who portrayed TV's "Superman" in the fifties. Was it a suicide? Was he killed by his ex-lover's husband? Or was it his new lady who also happpened to be [...]

King Kong (2005)

March 28, 2006
It is a shame that the language of this film has over twenty profanities in the dialog. Otherwise this movie could have been a film more family-friendly. However, that is not the case. This update of the Kong movie was directed by Peter Jackson, the director of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. As [...]

King Kong (2005) – Filtered

March 28, 2006

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

A great remake: this was a well-made movie. Three hours may be a bit long for some viewers. There were some things that prevent this movie from being appropriate for the very young. King Kong himself may be scary to younger viewer, especially when showing his gigantic teeth. A lot of chasing and [...]

The Jacket – Filtered

June 21, 2005
“The Jacket” is a dark and disturbing movie starring Adrien Brody as Jack Starks, an amnesiac Gulf War veteran. Jack is a gentleman who believes in helping all those he comes across, especially children. In the opening Gulf War scene, Jack is kind to a child. The outcome of his kindness is his [...]

The Jacket

The movie jumps freely between the past, present, and future as Jack (Brody) learns the secret of the straight jacket he is placed into by a sadistic Doctor (Kristofferson). The Jacket along with an unidentified Drug allows him to jump into the future where he learns when (but not how) he will die. [...]

Pianist – Edited

December 3, 2003

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"The Pianist" is a powerful portrayal of life in the Jewish Ghetto in WWII Warsaw. Waldyslaw Szpilman tells his heroic story in a book, which was brilliantly adapted by director, Roman Polanski. While I do not approve of Mr. Polanski's personal life, I cannot deny the impact of this finely crafted [...]

The French Dispatch

Wes Anderson may be best known for his unique, genre-less films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2015, and Moonrise Kingdom. But the director has always flirted with genre, from his high school comedy Rushmore to his recent animated film, Isle of [...]