actor: Aimee Garcia

The Home Coming (1996)

August 6, 2013

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Jordy Rembrandt needs God and this movie is about his journey from being a young rebel to admitting his need for God. Jordy is a high school football player who clashes with some of his classmates but finds a girl that is interested in him, a girl named Pam. He takes God lightly for a while but [...]

Dragon Wars (D-War)

September 14, 2007
This movie does have some good acting in it and that is a big compliment considering that the film is loaded with CGI and special effects, and some of them are poorly done. There are times in which the creatures simply look fake. There are so many explosions going on in the movie and police lining [...]

A Lot Like Love

April 22, 2005
A Lot Like Love is a lot like a movie that you wouldn't want to see. It skips along through time to show a couple who can never seem to get in sync with their lives. When one is looking for a relationship the other isn't. However, at each turn they have a sexual relationship and then go back to [...]