actor: Alan Alda

Bridge of Spies

"Bridge of Spies" is quite a film. It features a top-notch performance from Tom Hanks as attorney James B. Donovan, who is assigned to defend Russian spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance). This movie is based on true events. Donovan is determined to give Abel a fair defense and, despite his unpopularity [...]

The Longest Ride

"The Longest Ride" features good storytelling in the film written by Craig Bolotin and based on the novel by prolific writer Nicholas Sparks. The story opens with an audience-grabbing scene in which Luke Collins (Scott Eastwood) is injured while riding a bull. It takes awhile for him to heal, and [...]

Flash of Genius

Bob Kearns (Greg Kinnear) is a likable man in the beginning of the movie. He is a good husband and father, and he is quite intelligent to boot, as he is a university professor. One day he comes up with an idea for an intermittent windshield wiper. He presents the idea to a major car manufacturer [...]

The Aviator – Filtered

May 24, 2005

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

The Aviator is an incredibly well done biography which draws you into the life and mind of Howard Hughes. As a child, his mother scrubs him in the bathtub and makes him spell QUARANTINE, meanwhile telling him he is not safe [from germs]. This plays a huge part in his life when, as an adult, he is [...]

The Aviator

"The Aviator" focuses too much on Howard Hughes’ carnal cravings for young, beautiful, scantily clad women, and the film belabors his various obsessive disorders. According to the movie, Hughes regularly propositioned young women — even underage girls — for intimate encounters. He was [...]

Club Land

"Club Land" was better than average for most made-for-cable films. It had good direction, good writing (if you do not count the language), and good characterization. It deals with the power of wealth, deciet, and the dangers of living a lie, as well as the down side of drinking and womanizing. [...]

What Women Want

Mel Gibson demonstrates a flair for comedy in this new Paramount release. It is a nice romantic film, diminished only by two irreverent uses of Christ’s name and a few minor obscenities evidently placed in the script to avoid the dreaded G-rating. Although it does contain a few crude [...]