actor: Andre Braugher

10,000 Black Men Named George

"10,000 Black Men Named George" is a very moving story, but it has a few areas that could be cleaned. The plot is morally strong, and it is a great movie depicting the mistreatment and struggles of African American porters in the 1930s. The movie does well in expressing the conditions and [...]


September 15, 2000
There are some very funny moments and delightful performances as we travel with these unusual people who use karaoke to exercise their frustrations. But the film also consists of a murderous crime that one might say goes unpunished; several sexual situations and several objectionable words, [...]

Its The Rage

July 7, 2000
Meant as dark satire, the film suggests that the availability of guns in a society outnumbered by very disturbed people is a bad thing. Agreed. Guns should only be owned by police, military, gun experts, enthusiasts, collectors, hunters, and by people who want a weapon for home security. Guns [...]


April 28, 2000
Although it contains several large gaps in plausibility and has pacing problems in the beginning, “Frequency" is an entertaining film. The suspenseful plot is fairly complex, holding the viewers attention, and there is a charming performance by Quaid. Alas, while giving us positive portrayals [...]