actor: Ashton Kutcher


August 16, 2013
Having grown up during the computer revolution, I was deeply interested in seeing this film about one of it's creative founders. Many will already know about the personality flaws that plagued Steve Jobs such as his rash temper and driven desire to succeed at any cost. This drive and [...]

New Years Eve

December 9, 2011
Director Gary Marshall has managed to get some human stories of compassion into the films he has directed over the years. He does the same in this one but the beginning of the film is like dealing with a runaway GPS that is sending the driver (in this case, viewer) all over the place for a time. [...]

No Strings Attached

January 21, 2011
As far as we're concerned from a family perspective, this film places the proverbial cart before the horse. A guy named Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and a girl named Emma (Natalie Portman) decide to base a relationship entirely on sex and it is only later that they actually experience a first date and [...]

Open Season – 3D

September 29, 2006

Dove Approved for All Ages

"Open Season" is a delightfully fast paced movie that will entertain kids both young and old alike. Boog learns about friendship as he tries to get back to his garage after the forest ranger that raised him from a cub tries to re-integrate him into his natural environment. Parents should note that [...]


June 4, 2010
Although a few young women chuckled at some of the banter on screen between Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher) and his new wife Jen (Katherine Heigl) in "Killers" at the screening I attended, much of the story was slow and plodding and featured a lot of sweetness and fluff until about the middle of the [...]

What Happens in Vegas

May 9, 2008
There are not too many things more boring than a comedy that doesn't elicit laughs. This one drags for awhile before managing to be funny in spots somewhere along the final third of the movie. The premise is that a young couple meet in Las Vegas; she's looking for a good time after being dumped [...]

The Guardian

September 29, 2006
This was an interesting story to watch, with Costner playing the "old lion" and Kutcher playing the "young lion." Costner plays Ben Randall, a character who sees a lot of talent in Jake Fischer (Kutcher), but wonders whether he really joins the Coast Guard to save people or to show off his [...]

A Lot Like Love

April 22, 2005
A Lot Like Love is a lot like a movie that you wouldn't want to see. It skips along through time to show a couple who can never seem to get in sync with their lives. When one is looking for a relationship the other isn't. However, at each turn they have a sexual relationship and then go back to [...]

Guess Who?

March 25, 2005
How does one create the storyline for “Guess Who”? First, take about one-third of “Just Married” and spread it evenly in a non-stick pan. Then mix in another third of “Meet the Parents” until you have a thick texture. Sprinkle some Chris Rock racial humor on top and bake for 97 minutes [...]

The Butterfly Effect

January 23, 2004
"The Butterfly Effect" is a story written around an idea. The idea, borrowed from chaos mathematics, is that something as small as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can set into motion the production of a hurricane. Or, as the film puts it, a very small change to the past can completely alter [...]