actor: Bill Paxton

The Circle (2017)

April 28, 2017
"The Circle" is an engaging and thought-provoking film, enhanced by wonderful performances. It stars Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega, and Bill Paxton in, sadly, his last film before he passed away. He plays a girl's father who is battling muscular dystrophy. Mae Holland (Watson) lands a solid [...]


August 4, 2015

Dove Approved for All Ages

"Pixies" is a colorful, animated movie about one man's misfortune when he leaves trash in the forest. His littering destroys part of the little Pixie village and also injures one of the king's sons. So according to Pixie law, a curse must be put on the human who did these things. Their idea of a [...]

Edge of Tomorrow

June 6, 2014
"Edge of Tomorrow" features a unique plot, that of a man who relives the same life scenes and dies over and over again due to an alien's blood landing on his face and in his mouth. This blood makes the re-living of these moments possible. This sets up some nice humorous occurrences, such as the [...]


July 30, 2004

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Alan and his friends are good kids that have been raised to do right, but Alan overreacts in anger when he is punished or is told that he cannot do something. When Alan is assigned a 10,000-word essay for daydreaming in school, he tells his friend that the teacher “can take the assignment and [...]

Broken Lizards Club Dread

February 27, 2004
This sex-and-slasher film has no virtues whatsoever, filled with people drinking, doing drugs and having sex with each other. There are several sex scenes and nudity of both men and women, and homosexuality is used as a “turn on.” Dead bodies are hung up and drip blood on unsuspecting [...]

Vertical Limit

December 8, 2000
Like “Twister,” the action/disaster film of a couple years ago, “Vertical Limit” gives the viewer one exciting special effect or death-defying stunt after another. It makes “Raiders of the Lost Ark” look like a subliminal relaxation video. Unfortunately, like with “Twister,” these [...]


April 21, 2000
There have been many great wartime sub movies throughout the years, perhaps the best being “The Hunt For Red October,” but “U-571” adds nothing new to the genre. It doesn’t just freely borrow from other submarine movies, it downright steals from them. The plot development, the [...]

Mighty Joe Young

December 22, 1998

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This is a nice remake of a classic film and Charlize Theron and Bill Paxton are excellent in their roles in the film as Theron plays Jill, a girl who cares for the giant ape Joe, and Paxton plays Dr. O'Hara, a zoologist who supports Jill in her efforts. The special effects are great and Joe moves [...]