actor: Brian Van Holt

House of Wax (2005) – Filtered

October 25, 2005
A group of friends are on their way to a football game. They come to a town where everything is made of wax, but they don't know that. Two killer brothers run the town. They kill everyone that comes to visit the town to see the House of Wax and they turn them into wax corpses. One by one the [...]

House of Wax (2005)

Well, there are a couple of scenes in this film that justify my decision to not sleep through it. They are not horrific or suspenseful but rather gruesome and shocking. I was mainly interested in the process used to turn the people into wax (no, not for my personal use) and how they were able to [...]

Windtalkers – Edited

September 11, 2003
Like Saving Private Ryan, this film is inspired by a true story. Also like Saving Private Ryan, this film is graphically violent. I guess that is the nature of war. This film encompasses so much about the war in the Pacific, how soldiers handle different aspects of war, the bigotry of the times, [...]


For the past few years I’ve been complaining about the excessive obscenity, the crudity and the mean-spiritedness that just keeps multiplying in each new comedy. But lest you think it’s just me being overly pious, listen to what Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times said of this recent satire [...]