actor: Brittany Daniel


November 12, 2010
This movie has a few good moments. Just not enough of them. There are a few laughs as some of the not-so-bright characters attempt to stay ahead of the aliens dreadful tentacles. And some of the special effects work is remarkable. However, there is no character that really stands out or that the [...]

Ruby: A Journey to Lose the First 100 Pounds

July 7, 2009

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

In this day and age we all need a reality check when it comes to our health and weight issues. This story takes the viewer on one woman's journey to conquer her health problems due to her obesity. Ruby, who is a wonderful charming and beautiful person, is well over 400 pounds. This is her trip in [...]

Broken Lizards Club Dread

February 27, 2004
This sex-and-slasher film has no virtues whatsoever, filled with people drinking, doing drugs and having sex with each other. There are several sex scenes and nudity of both men and women, and homosexuality is used as a “turn on.” Dead bodies are hung up and drip blood on unsuspecting [...]

Joe Dirt

April 11, 2001
THE GOOD:...No matter how bad the script (and this one is pretty bad) Spade still has a few classic moments of comedic brilliance, my favorite being when he goes into a litany naming various types of fireworks. THE NOT-SO-GOOD:...Basically this movie is full of gross-out comedy. I find it [...]

On Hostile Ground

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

“Airport,” “Earthquake,” “Swarm,” they’re called disaster movies. I call them “oh my god” movies. The actors must stare at make-believe events and utter that phrase to indicate catastrophic danger. Here, that phrase comes up nine times. Now, I expect if I saw Godzilla breathing [...]