actor: Bruce Cabot

King Kong (1933)

April 7, 1933

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This classic film may be tame compared to some contemporary movies, but the viewer should not let the 1933 release date fool him/her. Young children no doubt could be affected by Kong chewing on people in close-ups, and by the dinosaurs and large snake and other creatures on Skull Island which [...]


July 24, 2001

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Here is a different movie for John Wayne. When you think of the "Duke' one usually thinks of war movies or westerns, never of him as a leader of a group that capture animals for zoos. This movie has some great footage of the action it takes to obtain a wild beast in Africa. There are some hilarious [...]

Angel And The Badman

June 15, 1991

Dove Approved for All Ages

John Wayne was and is an American icon of western films. In this 1946 black and white classic movie, he is a tall, well-know gunslinger that once was a deputy with Wyatt Earp. As Quirt (John Wayne) rides through rough country, he falls off his horse and is found by a father and daughter who are [...]