actor: Bruce Dern


April 6, 2018
Kennedy stories run abundantly, even today, in American history. The lion's share tends to go to John or Robert, with Ted falling somewhat to the wayside. In Chappaquiddick, we finally see the latter stepping up and into the spotlight as a main character in film. In this narrative, even through [...]

Believe In Me: Edited

September 4, 2007

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Based on a true story about Coach Clay Driscoll and the Lady Cyclones and set in 1965, when girls playing any type of sport was not supported by many communities, this is a story of one man's coaching journey in the world of girl's basketball. Having moved to the small town of Middletown thinking [...]

The Astronaut Farmer

July 10, 2007
Virginia Madsen is outstanding in this film in her role as Audie Farmer, the supportive wife and mother who loves with an unconditional love. When her husband Charlie hits a rough spot and displays some light violent behavior, she takes her kids to church and tells them they need to forgive him. [...]

Madison – Filtered

September 13, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

"Madison" is based on a true story of the boat racer Jim McCormick and his racing career, and how it ended and then started up again. Jim and his boy have a wonderful relationship and it soars throughout the film. The marriage of Jim McCormick had its ups and downs but they worked through [...]


May 11, 2004
This gritty western boasts a solid cast and the beginning and ending of the story has its action-packed and tense moments, although the picture drags a bit in the middle with its political emphasis. Kirk Douglas plays Marshall Howard Nightingale, a man who reaches a zenith of popularity when he [...]

The Glass House

I loved this movie! It has all the ingredients of a good psychological thriller - twists and turns that leave you continuously sorting out the "black" hats from the "white" hats (although the writer included a few too many hints for my taste). .... This Hitchockian story has no weak [...]

All the Pretty Horses

Man, this one makes “Romeo and Juliet” look like a Doris Day comedy. We’re talking depressing! Boy loses ranch, gets brutalized in a Mexican prison, stands by while a pal is executed, and leaves his true love out of respect for her family’s wishes. Yes, very depressing, and yet, there is so [...]