actor: Cameron Bright

Christmas in Wonderland

November 24, 2009

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Moving is never easy for families and this is a tale of one family's day at the mall that changes things for everyone.The Saunders have moved and the boys don't like it , but their little sister, Mary. doesn't mind it as it is Christmas and all she wants is to make sure Santa knows where they live. [...]


March 3, 2006
This film wants to be taken seriously as a superhero movie, given that it opens with the main character, Ultraviolet, being displayed colorfully on several comic book covers. Unfortunately, the movie is too out of control with the computer generated images and special effects, not to mention the [...]

Running Scared

February 24, 2006
If the Synopsis above doesn't get your attention, then nothing I say here will make any difference either. When words such as "Freaks, Pimps, Hookers and Pedophiles" are used by a movie studio in their own description of a film, they are telling you "not a for the family" in no uncertain terms. [...]


January 7, 2005
"Birth" is a movie that has no values or purpose. Anna is too easily deceived into believing that a young boy is her reincarnated husband based on sketchy answers to her questions. The nude sex scene has no other purpose other than nudity or salaciousness for its own sake. The plot is ill conceived [...]


April 30, 2004
"Godsend" deals with the heartfelt emotions of parental love, the study and experimentation of scientific scholars, and identity issues for a struggling child. Upsetting dreams leave him with two identities — who he is and who he was. Adam’s dreams are scary, and his involuntary movement in [...]