actor: Carmen Electra

Christmas in Wonderland

November 24, 2009

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Moving is never easy for families and this is a tale of one family's day at the mall that changes things for everyone.The Saunders have moved and the boys don't like it , but their little sister, Mary. doesn't mind it as it is Christmas and all she wants is to make sure Santa knows where they live. [...]

Disaster Movie

August 29, 2008
This movie is a "disaster" as far as it being anything close to a family movie. It is filled with sexual innuendos, disrespectful attitudes, a lot of alcohol abuse and strong language which is included in some of the songs featured in the film. It parodies such films as "The Incredible Hulk" and [...]

Meet the Spartans

January 25, 2008
Parody movies are supposed to be funny because they exaggerate the outrageous things that society finds interesting, topical or just repulsive - I get that. Unfortunately, "Meet the Spartans" chooses to just make fun of the events and situations that the common person found sleazy in 2007. I was [...]

Get Over It

March 9, 2001
THE GOOD:...I enjoyed the concept of a pseudo teen musical combining a story, a few songs (“Love Can Keep Us Together”, “What Do You Get When You Fall in Love”, “Love Matters”) and a couple of dance numbers. Vitamin C and Sisqo are in the opening and closing musical numbers that are [...]

Scary Movie

July 7, 2000
The film, perhaps the grossest I have ever seen, is aimed at teenage boys and those who enjoy mean-spirited, crude humor. According to director Wayans, “If you’re a filmmaker doing one of these over-the-top comedies today, you have to measure your starting point where the last guy left off.” [...]