actor: Chris Evans

Battle for Terra

July 1, 2010

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

As these two species of the galaxy come together on Terra they both have secrets from their past that need to be revealed. The humans arrive from the planet earth and the surrounding planets that they have destroyed through civil war. Instead of seeking peace, they invade Terra without trying to [...]

The Losers

This movie features a lot of action, as well as violence. There is some blood but it is not as gratuitous as it could have been. Still, there is some to go along with the violent scenes, which turn out to be several. The content in this film includes some strong sexual comments and innuendos as [...]

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

October 2, 2007

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

In the latest installment of Fantastic Four, our heroes face a new opponent bent on destroying earth and also reacquaint themselves with an old foe. Action abounds in this exciting adventure as do the product placements. In fact, the film seems to poke a little fun at its own expense by placing [...]

The Nanny Diaries

Not to wax poetic, but this movie has its pluses and minuses, it's good and it's bad, it's yin and it's yang. It doesn't offer anything new as far as nanny and child relations go, but the ending is rather nice. Annie the Nanny (Scarlet Johansson) is a long suffering person with an identity crisis. [...]

Fantastic Four – Filtered

December 6, 2005

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"The Fantastic Four" is a comic series that stunned a nation when it came out in 1961. The movie's plot involves the team of space explorers looking to advance the human race by studying the activities similar to 'those that, in their opinion, may have started life on earth. The film itself is full [...]

Fantastic Four

December 6, 2005
Fantastic Four was originally scheduled for release shortly after The Incredibles opened last year. The release was delayed because the special effects in The Incredibles would have put Fantastic Four's to shame. Well, I can truley say that the effects were worth the wait but unfortunately, the [...]


With an intensely suspenseful and dramatic plot, Cellular arrests your attention with a hope for the reversal of a seemingly fatal and tragic end. Ryan is selfish and cares only for himself and his own wellbeing. Risking his life for the sake of someone he doesn’t even know demonstrates a [...]

The Perfect Score

In this story, characters grow to understand themselves better as they consider the consequences of cheating on the SAT and learn that people often must adjust their plans to obtain their dreams. The students indulge in illegal behavior, yet they suffer no ill consequences; one student is arrested [...]