actor: Chuck Norris

The Expendables 2

"The Expendables 2" features a lot of stars: Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Norris, Statham, Lundgren, and more. And it features some lines which viewers of their movies will recognize. For example, in one scene Schwarzenegger shows up just in time to help his friends who are in a jam and, crashing [...]

Return of the Dragon – Filtered

May 21, 2002
Bruce Lee stars in this 1973 flick about a man (Tang Lung) who travels to Rome to help his cousin defend his restaurant from a group of thugs, who are hired to keep business away in order for the boss to eventually buy out the restaurant, and gain the land. The restaurant workers spend their free [...]

Missing In Action – Filtered

October 12, 2001
This was a hard movie to sit through. The storyline/ plot was slow and not captivating at all. The actors were not convincing, and the fact that the main character comes out of a blown- up building without a scratch, and is shot at by several people and never hurt, was too unrealistic. The violence [...]

Presidents Man

I’d like to say that this is good escapist fare, but the violence (17 killed by gunfire, 6 killed by knife, 7 killed by broken neck, a man is tortured, many karate battles) and revenge make it difficult to recommend for family viewing. It has elements of “Mission Impossible,” “Wild, Wild [...]

Forest Warrior

November 14, 1996

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Forest Warrior" features the charismatic Chuck Norris as McKenna, a forest spirit who incorporates the powers of an eagle, wolf, and bear. When an unscrupulous businessman, Travis Thorne (Terry Kiser), attempts to cut down many of the trees in the forest of Tanglewood Mountain, a group of teens [...]