actor: Claire Danes


September 25, 2007
“Evening” was a beautifully written film with seamless transitions between the 1950's and present as a woman on her deathbed remembers and examines her complicated love life of years ago. While the language in the film clearly prevents it from receiving the Dove Family-Approved Seal, it was an [...]


Filled with all the magic and mystery of an adventurous fairy tale, "Stardust" will entertain the viewer. Although the movie is a bit long at two hours and slow at times, it is a very interesting story. There are the good guys against the bad guys, sword fights, a little romance, and throw in some [...]

The Family Stone – Filtered

May 2, 2006
There is a good plot to this movie about how a family comes together to realize that they need to be respectful. They learn that their mother is sick and things change for the better. The thing that prevents it from being a family-friendly film is the inclusion of a homosexual couple and how they [...]

Shopgirl – Filtered

April 25, 2006
"Shopgirl" is a slow-paced movie. It has a plot about sexual relationships. It is not recommended for any viewer as a family film. Mirabelle meets Jeremy, a normal guy without any money and who wants to be with Mirabelle. Then she meets Ray, a rich man who buys her everything to continue to sleep [...]


April 25, 2006
Many girls dream of a Prince riding in on his silver steed to save her. Mirabelle sees Ray as that Prince. As happens from time to time in real life, sometimes we pick the wrong person to be the Prince. In this movie it is no different. The girl falls for the wrong guy and is left behind with the [...]

The Family Stone

"The Family Stone" is a tale about a dysfunctional family who all get together during Christmas and during the course of events find out about an upcoming tragedy. While I found the film slow at times, it did pick up toward the end. Unfortunately, the movie was rather transparent at times. Rife [...]

Its All About Love – Filtered

September 13, 2005
Allthough " It's All About Love" had some good ideas it was hard to follow and sort of left the viewer not quite sure what to think, at least it did for this reviewer. The film is set in the future: 2021. Famous Ice skater Elena wants to retire, but her family has other plans, because without her [...]