actor: Cliff Robertson


May 3, 2002
Although the scene is often filled with fighting, most of the violence is neither graphic nor gory. However, a few moments in the climatic battle may be more graphic than necessary as Spiderman takes a brutal beating. There are two uses of "Jesus" as an exclamation, and several mild obscenities and [...]

Family Tree

April 21, 2000

Dove Approved for All Ages

“Family Tree” is a delightful rarity – a G-rated family film with positive messages and a happy ending. Probably best suited for television, it has weaknesses that glare at viewers from the huge screen. Still, it has some nice moments and is one parents can take the little ones to. By [...]

The Midnight Cry

March 22, 1994

Dove Approved for All Ages

On Oct. 22, 1844, many followers of William Miller believed the world was going to end. Although many other religious parties thought differently based on studying scripture, William Miller believed Oct. 22 was the second coming of Christ and the earth would be destroyed by fire. This documentary [...]