actor: Cole Hauser

Like Dandelion Dust

September 24, 2010

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Rip Porter (Berry Pepper) is taken off to jail for abusing his wife Wendy (Mira Sorvino); he has no idea that he will wind up in prison and that she is pregnant with their child. She gives birth to a son and then adopts him out. Years later when Rip is released, and he seems genuinely reformed, he [...]

The Cave

August 26, 2005
In this hybrid Aliens meet Jaws thriller, you are kept on the edge of your seats as a team of Cave diving experts search for a way out of the underground cave they are trapped in. One by one they are hunted by the creatures. And, one by one, we are witness to their gruesome fates. While the [...]


September 3, 2004
Rex is determined to get private photographs of Bo’s family life because he says, “Everyone wants to have a peek. It’s human nature.” This film shows the degree that unethical photographers will go to in order to get private pictures of public people. This includes trespassing, breaking and [...]

2 Fast 2 Furious

June 6, 2003
First, the language is appalling with enough s-words to make anyone cringe. There is a lot of violence, from mild pushing and shoving to gunfire. In many scenes, women are shown in revealing clothing. Alcohol and tobacco usage is prevalent. There is gambling, illegal street racing and a total lack [...]

Tears Of The Sun

March 7, 2003
This picture, while not based on actual events, provides insight into the horrors of ethnic cleansing and religious persecution throughout many parts of the world. It contains graphic brutality. The American soldiers show compassion as they encounter gross injustices, risking their lives to save [...]


October 6, 2000
The movie does well in making you feel for our soldiers and what they went through, and this was all before they even went to the actual war. As a military consultant, the filmmakers used Capt.Dale Dye, well known for giving a realistic war portrayal to many films, including “Saving Private [...]

Pitch Black

February 18, 2000
The language is filthy, with one coarse word used more times than I could count. Much of the rest of the dialogue consisted of various obscenities and expletives, including extremely foul language from the mouths of children. There is a positive portrayal of a Muslim. This character prays for [...]