actor: Dan Castellaneta

The Simpsons Movie

July 27, 2007
This movie is likely to make everybody laugh at some point, and likely to offend some people as well. Therein lies the problem as far as this being family-friendly. The irreverent humor runs throughout the film. The movie is not short on laughs. It opens with a scene in outer space, and we soon [...]

The Pursuit of Happyness

December 15, 2006
This film is very good in some respects. Will Smith turns in a stellar performance as Chris Gardner, a down-and-out salesman who hasn't sold anything lately. Due to the financial stress in their lives, his wife finds that she cannot cope and leaves him and their five-year-old son as she believes [...]

Laughter on the 23rd Floor

Finally, a tv-movie that is billed as a comedy that is actually funny! The cast was great, the writing was great, and even the morals were decent. It is rare that the industry puts out tele-movies with such a great mix of acting, writing, and fast cut direction that does not assult the viewer [...]