actor: Daniel Day-Lewis

Phantom Thread

December 25, 2017
Paul Thomas Anderson, by now, is a cabinet of curiosities as a filmmaker. While certainly a prolific auteur in the rites of Robert Altman and his ensemble pieces, he can, chameleon-like, transform into a hypnotic and singular voice in character studies and plot-driven attempts. In his latest, [...]


November 16, 2012
"Lincoln" features a masterful performance from Daniel Day Lewis as the sixteenth President of the United States. He is a story teller with wit and humor. One funny story Lincoln shares involves a Bible-quoting parrot that kept stating the world was coming to an end and how that one day the [...]

The Ballad of Jack and Rose

April 15, 2005
This is by far the worst film I have seen in some time. My fear is that Hollywood in its infinite wisdom will somehow vote to give this film an Oscar nomination. "The Ballad of Jack and Rose" is a huge waste of time and money. It is very disjointed and the only likeable character in the film, Marty [...]