actor: Danny DeVito

Lorax The, Dr Seuss

March 2, 2012

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

What a terrific film and with a message to boot! This adaptation of Dr. Seuss' tale of the Lorax, a guardian of the trees, is awesomely animated with terrific 3D and it carries an important environmental reminder that we should take care of the trees and our land. We follow the story through the [...]

Reno 911! : Miami

February 23, 2007
“Reno 911” portrays a team of some of the most inept law enforcement officers on the planet. The film is a spoof of the television show “Cops,” and it employs some of the same techniques that are used on that show: a handheld camera is used in some scenes, and the characters sometimes talk [...]

Deck the Halls

November 22, 2006
If you liked the movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" you will love this one. This slapstick comedy is about two men with an obsession of being number one at Christmas. Danny and Steve's competitive ways get each one of them into trouble and causes problems for both men. There are plenty [...]

Anything Else

September 19, 2003
The message of the film, “you can only depend upon yourself,” finds frequent expression. Due to an atheistic world view, several sexual encounters, crude humor, and bad language and profanity, Dove cannot award "Anything Else" the Dove [...]

Whats The Worst that Could Happen

June 1, 2001
While the film veers away from most of the crude humor associated with today’s comedies, it still has enough bawdiness – and offensiveness - to go around. There’s a flamboyant police detective to make fun of. (Gays won’t like that.) A ditzy old lady maces the cops. (The elderly have [...]


June 24, 1997

Dove Approved for All Ages

Based on characters from Greek mythology about the son of Zeus kidnapped as an infant by Hades, "Lord of the Underworld." Given a potion that will make him human and no longer a threat to the film’s antagonist, the baby drinks all but one drop, which, unbeknownst to the bad guy, will allow Herc [...]


May 12, 2000
I forget, isn’t a comedy supposed to be funny? What little attempt there is at humor in this screenplay, if you could call it that, relies on either crude, mean-spirited, crude, sexually suggestive, crude, imbecilic, or just plain uncouth material. Oh, and did I mention that it’s crude? I [...]

The Big Kahuna

April 28, 2000
The film, which is based on the award-winning play “Hospitality Suite,” is extremely theatrical in its adaptation, and perhaps a bit too stagy for many moviegoers, but its subject matter deals with people’s spirituality, ethics, and morality while on the job. Due to the misuse of God’s [...]

Virgin Suicides

April 21, 2000
On the heels of the cynical, yet Award-winning “American Beauty” comes this next attack on suburban life. Sensitive, but often amusingly macabre, “The Virgin Suicides” tells us that the family religion (here, Catholism, but I think the producers see any religious upbringing as antiquated) [...]

Drowning Mona

March 3, 2000
Meant as black comedy, “Drowning Mona” left me aghast. I found it nearly devoid of humor. And what laughs there were depended on crudity, spousal abuse, and gruesome sight gags, including dismemberment. At one point, townsfolk speculate how Mona’s son lost his hand. After several grisly [...]