actor: Dave Bautista

My Spy (2020)

My Spy (2020) is much like Dwayne Johnson's 2007 The Game Plan--but with less biological ties and much more language. JJ, a former military ranger now CIA agent, knows nothing about relationships, unless you count his explosive communication skills with the enemy. His demolition tactics worked [...]


Make no mistake about it—Stuber is a hilarious movie. The pairing of Dave Bautista as Vic and Kumail Nanjiani as Stu was a stroke of good fortune in casting. Vic is a no-nonsense detective and father who has a difficult time showing his feelings for his daughter. He definitely loves her, but his [...]

Hotel Artemis

June 8, 2018
We just watched the trailer. This movie has A-list, award winning stars, and looks to be super stylish and well made (read: big budget). They even appear to have woven in concepts of trust and codes of character (for criminals, specifically). But alas, didn't review this because the [...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

September 12, 2017
Life isn't perfect. That point is made in this explosive, action-oriented film. Fortunately for the viewer, the point is made with a lot of laughs. And this movie is a feast for the eyes, featuring dramatic effects, explosions, chases through space, shoot-'em-ups with laser blasts, and enough space [...]


"Spectre" is a fast-paced ride for much of the movie. You want action? Granted! You have action. The problem is that several scenes are contrived. They seem to be placed in the film not because they add to the story, but because they are fun to watch. There are some exceptions to the rule. A [...]