actor: David Duchovny


March 1, 2013
This movie could have been more than what it is. Ed Harris plays a burned out captain of a Soviet missile submarine during the Cold War and he is on his last command. The captain has occasions of hallucinations including those of dying men and of blood. And, to boot, a new sailor is on board and [...]

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

July 25, 2008
Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) is called upon by old partner Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) to try to locate an abducted agent. A psychic priest claims to be able to help but Scully initially wants nothing to do with him due to his background as a pedophile. As the plot unfolds the question becomes [...]

Things We Lost in the Fire

October 19, 2007
This film chronicles the journey of a recent widow and a man trying to kick heroin. The film will strike a chord with those who have experienced these topics first hand. The children in the film are wonderful but the adult's acting leaves something to be desired. The film plods along at a slow [...]

Trust The Man

September 22, 2006
This movie is filled with scenes that will make you laugh but if you are embarrassed about discussing sex this is not the movie for you. An interesting look at two couples that are having problems especially with their sex lives. This issue is talked about in many different ways, making this [...]


June 15, 2001
THE GOOD:...Who ya gonna call when aliens invade Earth? The director/producer who gave us "Ghostbusters" and "Ghostbusters II", Ivan Reitman. I mention that because he used the same hilarious formula, tweaking the bad guys to be aliens in varying forms. The attack of the various creatures on a [...]

Return To Me

April 7, 2000
The producers and the studio set out to make a gentle, romantic comedy. So why is there so much objectionable language in a PG film? A few years ago, a film with seven profanities and twelve obscenities – some from a toddler who repeats them after hearing his father say them, would have [...]