actor: Dee Wallace

Collision Course

August 13, 2013
This is a suspenseful movie that features a lot of action. Kate Parks (Tia Carrere) has been on a long book tour. Her daughter Samantha misses her, strongly complaining by phone when she learns her mother will be delayed a bit longer. But when a solar flare strikes during Kate's final flight home, [...]

Matchmaker Mary

April 28, 2009

Dove Approved for All Ages

It is amazing what three puppies and one young girl can do when it comes to matchmaking. This heartwarming story is about how one young girl not only helps to find good homes for the siblings to her new puppy, but helps with relationships among the people surrounding these cute little pups. [...]

Expiration Date

June 1, 2007

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Although this is a comedy, the story line is a little on the dark side. One can only imagine the things in a person's life that would need to be taken care of if a person knew or thought they knew the exact day their life would end. In this halarious story you will follow Charlie on his mission to [...]

Sunrise in Heaven

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

In Sunrise In Heaven, both the present and the past have love, challenge and faith. In the present: the couple who’ve been married for decades, their car crash, and the prayers. In the past: they meet when he’s a G.I., her father’s disapproval of the relationship, and the patience. It was not [...]