actor: Denise Richards

Christmas Trade

November 3, 2015

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Christmas Trade" is a delightful and funny movie that features a plot that audiences can enjoy anytime of the year. In a nod to "Freaky Friday," attorney and workaholic widower dad Mitch Taylor (William Baldwin) butts heads with his 12-year-old son Robbie (Michael Campion). Due to the magic of a [...]

Madeas Witness Protection, Tyler Perrys

June 29, 2012
When the CFO of a shell company finds out that his boss set him up to take the fall for laundering money for the mob, he joins the witness protection program (sort of) to stay alive long enough to help the prosecutes build a case. Madea takes the family in and some unexpected surprises come out. [...]

Undercover Brother

May 31, 2002
Much of UNDERCOVER BROTHER’s humor comes from black characters making fun of stereotyped Caucasians’ eating globs of mayonnaise, uptight attitude about sex, and obsession with 401K plans. Likewise, stereotypical black characters’ habits and expressions are parodied by Mr. Feather and his [...]


February 2, 2001
If "Left Behind: The Movie" is about the anti-Christ, then "Valentine" is about the anti-Cupid. A masked, unknown assailant murders beautiful young women. There’s nothing like an original film experience. Nothing new to this one except the fact that you probably won’t care about those being [...]

Operation: Neighborhood Watch

Dove Approved for All Ages

Operation: Neighborhood Watch builds from a Little Rascals platform with a modern twist adding selfies and a few Millennial spy gadgets. When a she-haters threesome and a stubborn tagalong girl notice mysterious growling noises in their “Vampire Frankenstein”-neighbor’s basement, they make it [...]