actor: Dorian Harewood

The Christmas Shoes

December 1, 2006

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Sometimes people get so involved in their lives and what they think is important that they don't see the people around them. Robert is that type of person. He's always thinking of his great plan for his life and he is too busy to see the wants and needs of his family. While Robert is so unconnected [...]

Walter and Henry

This would have been a great family film, as Showtime had stated, but is is marred by R-rated type language, which is disheartenting since this was labled for families and rated TV-PG. If Showtime could release this film on video minus the language, I would recommend it. The film deals with some [...]

Last Debate

A very insightful look at the power of the media and the dastardly act of reporting unsubstantiated facts. In this case, it’s okay, however, because their chosen victim is a religious right-winger. And we know they are all hypocrites. Well, isn’t that what “The Contender” just got [...]

God Bless the Child

In "God Bless the Child," everyone is seen as God's child, deserving of help and sympathy. Between mother Theresa (Mare Winningham) and daughter Hillary (Grace Johnston), Hillary is not merely the child. They are both in need of a blessing after Theresa finds herself jobless and homeless. The film [...]