actor: Eddie Griffin.


August 21, 2007
There is no doubt that the best thing about this movie is eye candy in the form of slick race cars parading across the screen. Unfortunately the viewer is also subjected to 90 minutes of lame dialog, uninspired car chase scenes and idiotic plot developments. It was obvious that the producers spent [...]

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

Deuce Bigalow is a poor attempt at humor. This film is intentionally politically incorrect in every way imaginable. When reviewing movies, it is our custom here to list the offensive language. Well, I am going to save you from a lengthy list of words and phrases and just say that their were over [...]

Undercover Brother

January 14, 2003
Much of UNDERCOVER BROTHER’s humor comes from black characters making fun of stereotyped Caucasians’ eating globs of mayonnaise, uptight attitude about sex, and obsession with 401K plans. Likewise, stereotypical black characters’ habits and expressions are parodied by Mr. Feather and his [...]