actor: Eli Wallach

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

This movie, apart from not being a family-friendly film due to language and its sexual content, falls short in that the most interesting character, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), isn't in it for several scenes and although Shia LaBeouf and Josh Brolin are fine actors, the story just doesn't give [...]

The Holiday

Unfortunately this intelligently written romantic comedy missed the mark with its inclusion of so many sexual situations and references. It was a treat to see Jack Black playing a sensitive role and almost shocking that the only f-bomb in the movie was NOT uttered by his character. With a playing [...]

The Godfather III – Filtered

October 9, 2001
This movie was three hours long but it actually didn't seem that long. The movie kept your interest. It had a good story line. The movie did have a lot of violence to it, and a lot of it wasn't kept clean. You could tell where they were saying bad language, but it was all edited [...]

The Hunter

August 14, 2001
Steve McQueen plays "Papa" Thorson, a modern day bounty hunter who always runs into some action when he tries to get his man. He balances his dangerous life with a very-pregnant girlfriend who is tentative about marriage due to her failed first marriage. Thorson finds himself as both pursuer and [...]

Keeping The Faith

A very amusing love triangle, with several positive messages. The film contains an affirmative statement about faith and the priest gives an intelligent and moving explanation concerning celibacy. Although the priest falls in love, the film presents a realistic struggle that a man of God will at [...]