actor: Elisabeth Röhm

Scales: Mermaids are Real

Dove Approved for All Ages

The fantasy of the ocean comes to land in this wonderful story of transition. Siren has lived a regular human life, but now she finds out the truth of her heritage: she is a mermaid and must go through the change into a mermaid. But there are outsiders that want her for the power they believe her [...]

Wish Upon

The Dove Team opted not to review this movie. Our report is therefore limited to the business information (title, rating, distributor, producer, director, actors, etc), synopsis, and the content [...]


"Joy" is based on a true story about a young woman (played by Jennifer Lawrence) who believes in herself when no one else, other than her grandmother, does. Joy has been inventive since she was a child and even invented a better dog collar for her dog so it wouldn't choke the dog like the last one [...]

A Christmas Kiss

December 13, 2011

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"A Christmas Kiss" is about a special moment during the Christmas season that leads to a lifetime of love. Wendy Walton and Adam Hughes meet by chance in an elevator and share a special moment. Come to find out, Adam is her boss's boyfriend! Wendy at the time of the elevator moment was dressed as a [...]

A Christmas Kiss II

Dove Approved for All Ages

Christmas Kiss II is not named for a sequel but because there are two very distinct kisses that bookend the film. This endearing Cinderella storyline that is also reminiscent of Sabrina fuses a timid but talented fashion assistant wannabe designer, Jenna (Elisabeth Harnois), with the pompous and [...]