actor: Emma Stone

The Help

August 10, 2011
How many people remember the Crisco cooking lard? It is used in this movie to make fried chicken. This film will take you back to the 60s when times were simpler in some ways, and yet if you were a working African-American maid, your lot in life would be one of small wages, being taken for granted [...]

Easy A

September 17, 2010
This is a teen sex comedy, pretty pure and simple. Sorry, the word "pure" should not be used regarding this movie. "Easy A" is not as funny as it tries to be. It even attempts to be a bit clever with references to the classic "Scarlett Letter." Emma Stone plays Olive Penderghast and in her [...]


June 4, 2010

Dove Approved for All Ages

Marmaduke was always the comic strip that everyone loved and now he is on the big screen larger than life. With his family that has moved to California from the Midwest, the lovable dog tries to fit in just as children try to do when there is a move. This talking mutt brings comedy to the [...]


October 2, 2009
Effective January 1st, 2009, The Dove Foundation Review Team has ceased reviewing all NC-17 rated movies and certain extraordinarily explicit R-rated films. This decision was reached due to the fact that Dove reviewers are parents or grandparents with conservative values. As such, we feel that we [...]

The House Bunny

August 22, 2008
This "House Bunny" exchanges one house for another! Anna Faris plays a sweet girl named Shelley, who is forced to leave the Playboy mansion when an unscrupulous jealous rival tricks her into believing she is being forced out, right after celebrating her twenty seventh birthday. Shelley winds up at [...]