actor: Frances Conroy

Chasing Ghosts

April 21, 2015

Dove Approved for All Ages

Everyone must face death in his or her lifetime, whether a friend, loved one or acquaintance, and it is hard for some to except the inevitability and finality of death. Lucas lost his older brother in an accident and he is trying to deal with that loss in his own way. He is filming funerals trying [...]

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

October 5, 2007

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"The Seeker" is a film adaptation of the second in a series of books written by Susan Cooper. While many of the details have been loosely adapted from the book, the central theme of Dark vs. Light has been maintained. This is certainly an action-packed movie that will keep its audience on the edge [...]

Broken Flowers

August 5, 2005
This film received mixed reviews from many critics and is only a limited-release production. But, as a long-time fan of Bill Murray, I was excited to review this film for myself. In "Broken Flowers," Murray steps even further away from the comedic films of his past. Much of this film is based on [...]