actor: Helen Mirren

State of Play

This film was full of suspense, drama and action; all things that make a cerebral thriller worth watching. Intrigue and mystery are certainly exciting elements in good filmmaking. Unfortunately, the plot twists and turns several times but hey, they had two hours to fill so I guess the director [...]

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

May 20, 2008

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

If you are a fan of "National Treasure" you won't be disappointed by this engaging and clever sequel. Once again the audience is taken on a treasure hunt through history, this time to clear the name of our hero's ancestors. Along the way, we find clues in plain site and some in more remote [...]

The Queen

We look at celebrities and politicians differently, so that when a tragedy happens our expectations of their reaction never takes in their personal feelings. This is an intriguing drama and part documentary of the Royal family in a very difficult time. It makes everyone stop and think about what [...]

The Clearing

July 10, 2004
Lacking drama and suspense, the plot is simple and moves at a slow pace. A man is kidnapped, and his wife with the help of the FBI try to find him. There is no real message, either good or bad. The film keeps moving from present to past and then to the present again with little warning. As R-rated [...]

Calendar Girls

"Calendar Girls" raises a number of interesting issues for the Christian audience. What, for instance, is the relationship between the beauty of the human body and art, and can nudity ever be artistic? The issue in the latter question is whether or not the images inflame lust — a charge that is [...]

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

May 4, 2003
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone is a strong romantic drama that pulls you into the world of Rome. The different culture and habits of the Roman people begin to rub off on Karen Stone, for the better. But, the romanticism of the place and time starts carrying her away. The actors are marvellous and [...]


Rather than examine the qualities and the neglects of this film (and there are both), let me just give a rundown of what you will see and hear. 1. We see a gory crime scene with lots of crimson red covering snow, and finally the dead, mutilated body of a murdered 8-year-old girl. We learn that she [...]