actor: Herbert Lom

Trail of the Pink Panther

December 17, 1982
As Peter Sellers had died by this time, this film is made up of archival scenes with Clouseau, and a plot in which the Pink Panther is stolen again, and Clouseau apparently goes down in a plane enroute to try and crack the case. The film has its funny moments with Clouseau uttering his famous line, [...]

Son Of The Pink Panther

August 27, 1993

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Robert Benigni is amusing as Inspector Jacques Clouseau's son in this film. He is a bumbling detective, as good old Dad was. He gets his gloved hands caught in some van doors and the van carries him away. He even pronounces the word "bump" in the same way that his father did. His version of [...]

The Pink Panther: A Shot in the Dark

June 23, 1964

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This is one of the earliest and funniest "Pink Panther" films with Peter Sellers. In this one, Clouseau's timing is off as he accidentally shoots a crow in one scene, only to learn that a game warden is in the area at the time. Clouseau is soon off to jail which happens more than once in this film. [...]

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

December 17, 1976

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This film has several funny moments in it. During one scene Inspector Clouseau is asked about a bomb, specifically the type of bomb and he replies, "It was an exploding one." Clouseau leaps from a set of parallel bars in another scene and falls down some stairs. As far as being family friendly, the [...]

Revenge Of The Pink Panther

July 19, 1978
Compared to the new version of "The Pink Panther," starring Steve Martin, this film sadly looks dated and doesn't have enough good moments. This was the next to last "Pink Panther" film starring Peter Sellers, who passed away a short while after the release of this film. The film's best moments [...]