actor: Jack Nicholson

How Do You Know

A romantic story with a triangle is the main premise of this film. George (Paul Rudd) meets Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) on the worst day of each of their lives. George's business is being investigated for illegal procedures and George's reputation is on the line as well as his relationship with his [...]

The Bucket List

There is a certain amount of awe that accompanies seeing two major film stars like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman on the same screen. Both men have turned in great performances in the past and both are larger than life on the screen and off. That said, the closest Jack Nicholson has come to [...]

The Departed

"The Departed" will be spoken of highly in Academy circles this year with many of the cast being nominated for Oscars, as actors in films like this often are. Deception begets deception and violence begets violence in this shoot-'em-up action thriller. Who is the good guy and who are the bad [...]

Few Good Men, A – Edited

June 22, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

This was a really interesting and powerful movie. The first scene shows two of the best Marines in the unit sneaking into their fellow Marine's room and taping him up, getting ready to beat him, and performing a "Code Red"—a disciplinary action carried out by fellow soldiers. But Code Reds are [...]

Somethings Gotta Give

Nicholson can steal a scene with a simple eye movement, and he often does in this film, much to the audience’s delight. It is unfortunate that this movie takes the “low road” and resorts to using strong language, brief nudity and sexual content in order to build the plot. Something’s Gotta [...]

About Schmidt – Edited

August 14, 2003

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is an adult drama-comedy. All of the objectionable elements noted above have been totally nuked out of this family-friendly version. I found Warren Schmidt's character a sad commentary on the Great American Dream: work hard, get a nice house, have a family, retire. Warren worked very hard, [...]

Anger Management

"Anger Management" may not win critical acclaim, but the nonsensical antics, including a hilarious duet of “I Feel Pretty” sung by Dave and Buddy, may make this a winner at the box office. Most of the comedy focuses on crude bathroom humor, bodily functions, sexual insecurities and references [...]

About Schmidt

Roberta shocks Warren with her steady stream of obscenities and profanities, her talk of an energetic sex drive and her seductive ways. The film offers inspiration to make a difference in someone’s life, but it drags and earns a negative rating because of its profanity, obscenities and [...]


Rather than examine the qualities and the neglects of this film (and there are both), let me just give a rundown of what you will see and hear. 1. We see a gory crime scene with lots of crimson red covering snow, and finally the dead, mutilated body of a murdered 8-year-old girl. We learn that she [...]

Wolf – Filtered

November 26, 1997
Nicholson makes this werewolf movie better than the others of it’s kind, but it is still a typical werewolf flick. Added to the mix was adultery and bloody wolf attacks. It’s not exactly a “howling” good movie for the [...]