actor: James Cromwell

The Longest Yard

It seems to me that remakes are never quite as good as the originals. This certainly holds true with The Longest Yard. The plot and storyline are very similar but with some updating. The cast of prison guards and inmates are bigger, stronger, and meaner in the remake. It seems like every one of [...]

I Robot

I, Robot is easily one of the best science-fiction movies in recent years. Will Smith carries the film, adding comic relief and present-day sensibilities to Asimov’s futuristic fantasy world. The story is solid and entertaining but also deals with the interesting issues surrounding computers and [...]

The Bachelor: Edited

January 22, 2002

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

The premise of this film is played out from beginning to end: Jimmie Shannon (Chris O' Donnell) is left a ton of money in an inheritance, as long as he is married by 6:05 pm on his thirtieth birthday. The problem is he doesn't feel ready to marry, although he loves his girlfriend Anne (Renee [...]

Generals Daughter – Filtered

December 14, 1999
This is a highly intense movie starring John Travolta. Travolta plays Paul Brenner, an official investigator of crimes committed by and upon members of the military. Madeleine Stowe co-stars as Sara Sunhill, a support investigator. They are called upon to investigate the murder of Captain Elisabeth [...]

The Education of Little Tree

In 1935 the world was a different place, and there were many who disliked different cultures and religious groups. There were people that did not have much. This story takes Little Tree to the Smokie Mountains to live with his grandparents after the loss of his parents. His Grandfather a "white" [...]