actor: Jason Behr

Dragon Wars (D-War)

September 14, 2007
This movie does have some good acting in it and that is a big compliment considering that the film is loaded with CGI and special effects, and some of them are poorly done. There are times in which the creatures simply look fake. There are so many explosions going on in the movie and police lining [...]


August 10, 2007
There are some interesting plot revelations involving family during the course of this film. And Matthew Knight, the kid who plays Tim, does a first rate job, as does Sarah Carter who plays Katherine, and Elias Koteas as Jonas. But I must confess there were times when the werewolves seemed so [...]

The Grudge

October 22, 2004
First let me say that I am not a big horror film fan, other than the classic Hitchcock. With that said, there isn't much to be said for this film. There were a few times where I jumped in my seat, but not too many. I think mainly that was due to an implausible story line that just made it not [...]