actor: Jason Schwartzman

Fantastic Mr. Fox

November 25, 2009
The animation is unique and vivid in this film, and a father fox whose lifestyle causes his family all kinds of problems takes a bit of responsibility in the end. And I just ran out of good things to say because the father, despite owning a job at a newspaper, continues to steal and has his family [...]

The Darjeeling Limited

October 26, 2007
This film by Wes Anderson has a lot of the same supporting cast as was featured in his film, “The Royal Tenebaums.” The starring cast consisting of Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, and Jason Schwartzman are suited well to his unique filming style. However, this film lacks a feeling of motion [...]


October 21, 2005
Many girls dream of a Prince riding in on his silver steed to save her. Mirabelle sees Ray as that Prince. As happens from time to time in real life, sometimes we pick the wrong person to be the Prince. In this movie it is no different. The girl falls for the wrong guy and is left behind with the [...]

I Heart Huckabees

October 8, 2004
A big part of this one is the barrage of filthy language, including more than 50 obscenities. Even before the opening credits, Albert vents with a string of f- and s-words. Add to that a crude sex scene when Caterina seduces Albert and the two disappear into a muddy marshland where they engage in [...]


Dove Approved for All Ages

The Synopsis: In a Santa origin story, director Sergio Pablos spins a story about how a postman became the first delivery driver for a woodcarver named Klaus. The Review: Spanish director Sergio Pablos, best known for Despicable Me, works a mythical origin back story for the tradition of [...]