actor: Jeffrey DeMunn

Miracle at Christmas: Ebbies Story

September 25, 2012

Dove Approved for All Ages

Over the years there have been many remakes of the classic, "A Christmas Carol" and this DVD fits in that category. This is a modern-day version in which Susan Lucci does a wonderful job as the Scrooge in this movie. As with all the others there are the visits to Christmas past, present and future [...]

Our Town

May 23, 2003

Dove Approved for All Ages

Take some of the most influential actors and actresses of our time and cast them as townspeople in the play "Our Town," and you get a wonderful presentation that begs to be watched again and again. Acting is hard enough, having to know your marks and cues, but take away most all props and backdrops [...]

Noriega: Gods Favorite

This TV-film presents a brilliant performance by the star and a disturbing fact that although America is only 4% of the world’s population, we use over 60% of the world’s illegal drugs. It points out hypocrisy and corruption in the realm of politics and of men brought up on church doctrine, but [...]