actor: Jeremy Sisto

Solomons Choice

February 12, 2013

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This is a movie which features an incredible performance by a very young Reese Witherspoon, who plays a teen girl named Cassie, a player on the Deer View football team and is close with her younger brother, Willie, and her father and stepmother. However, when she is diagnosed with leukemia her [...]

Bible Stories,The: Jesus

March 2, 2010
This nearly three-hour movie unfortunately misses the mark when it comes to scriptural accuracy. In this movie, Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus is in love with Jesus, although the Bible suggests no such thing. In fact, in this film Lazarus kicks Jesus out of his home when Jesus spurns Mary! [...]

Angel Eyes

"J-Lo" proves she’s more than just a pretty face or voice, in this romance/drama that explores unusual and heavy themes. Lopez handles the drama well but the script goes in too many directions to let her really run with the character. She and Caviezel have great chemistry together despite the [...]

Angel Eyes – Filtered

The idea behind the movie is excellent. A terrible car accident links Catch, the victim who loses both his wife and son, and Sharon, a cop who is dealing with abuse in her family. Catch, who believes the accident was his fault, spends every day trying to help people. Sharon became a cop to put [...]