actor: Joanna Cassidy

Heavens Door

November 27, 2012

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This is a touching story about a little girl with healing abilities who pays a price for the gift she shares with others. Kirstin Dorn plays Riley, a girl who heals others but then suffers their sickness. Her father, Leo (Dean Cain), is a mechanic who has to move out after his wife Julie (Charisma [...]

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

I suppose if I would have taken my big old truck to this movie, along with my "Proud to be a Redneck" bumper sticker on the back, I might have gotten more into the spirit of this film. As it was, an hour and a half felt like three hours. Don't misunderstand me-I have nothing against rednecks. I [...]

Ghosts Of Mars

The good: I don’t know why but I enjoy watching Ice Cube. I think it’s because he’s the perfect tough guy for “B” movies with his kick butt attitude and sarcastic rhetoric. The basic story premise and idea is a good one. Had it been done in a different way (intense and scary without being [...]