actor: Joe Morton

The Night Listener

August 4, 2006
I never thought that I would use the words "Robin Williams" and "worst movie" in the same sentence, but here goes. "The Night Listener" starring Robin Williams is the worst movie I have seen in a very long time. I normally am a big Robin Williams fan. I find him very funny and talented. [...]


July 29, 2005
This film is only two hours long, but it felt as though it dragged on for much longer. It is full of spectacular special effects, with more explosions than a Fourth of July celebration, but the story never seems to climax. I sat in the theatre, patiently waiting for the movie to grab my full [...]

What Lies Beneath

July 21, 2000
This intense, often nerve-racking ghost story freely borrows from many other films, including “Rear Window,” “The Sixth Sense,” and “Dial M for Murder.” It also jolts with far too many red herrings – you know, where the cat jumps out at the protagonist or the friend, rather than the [...]