actor: Joseph Fiennes

On Wings of Eagles

November 3, 2017

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

On Wings of Eagles is the amazing story of 1924 Olympic Gold-medalist Eric Liddell, a Scottish man who felt the call of God to be a missionary and teach in China. But it would not be without cost. After the Olympics, Liddell made the journey back to China to teach, despite the raging war and [...]


May 24, 2016

Dove Approved for 18+

"Risen" captures the powerful influence of Christ and his followers on a Roman military tribune and is symbolic of the life-changing salvation experience converting the Gentile as well as the Jew. Joseph Fiennes is outstanding as Clavius, the Roman tribune, who is battle weary and weary of life, [...]

Hercules (2014)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson portrays the great Hercules in this action filled movie. Is he a god or is he a legend? This is the part of the story that is intriguing. He and his fellow mercenaries travel the world helping those in need but they do this so that they can get paid in gold and with the [...]

Running with Scissors

This movie has two big D's in it: It's about a Dysfunctional family and it is Depressing! Norman and Deirdre Burroughs have a terrible marriage and it is affecting their son Augusten. Deirdre has a brilliant gift to write poetry but her mental state is slipping after one fight after another with [...]

The Great Raid

December 20, 2005
This film was very well done. The story was well written, acting was superb, and the fight scenes very realistic and not exaggerated. Although a comparison probably isn't fair, but the movie had a similar feel to "Saving Private Ryan", although this film was based on actual events. Not only was [...]

The Great Raid – Filtered

December 20, 2005
"The Great Raid" was fantastic! The movie is based on a true event and is extremely accurate when compared to the biography/autobiography "Ghost Soldiers." Because it is a war movie, there is some violence such as shooting, bombing, and execution along with actual footage of dead POW’s, but there [...]

The Merchant of Venice – Edited

July 13, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

This movie was put together really well. A lot of times it is hard to put one of Shakespeare’s best plays into the form of a movie. But in this case it was done well and with good taste. In Shakespeare’s plays there is always a lot going on. In the Merchant of Venice everyone is involved with [...]

Luther – Edited

April 12, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

During the reign of the Catholic Church no one was allowed to stray from its rules and teachings. But Martin Luther knew that there was more to God than what could be contained in any one building. He was raised in the church but he didn't agree with all of its teachings. He knew that God was [...]

Elizabeth – Edited

November 14, 2003

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Cate Blanchett is Queen Elizabeth. Watching her morph from the twirling young girl in the opening scenes, to the intelligent, strong-willed, committed virgin-queen, is fascinating viewing. The men constantly around her vary from manipulative to sincere and at times, downright vacuous. The [...]

Enemy At The Gates

After a seemingly endless parade of crude, mindless or emotionally hollow movie openings, finally the first great film of 2001 comes to the local bijou. Writer/director Jean-Jacques Annaud grabs the viewer from the opening sequences and doesn’t let go. This audience member was simply [...]