actor: Josh Hartnett

30 Days of Night

October 19, 2007
Most so-called “scary movies” forgo suspense in favor of blood and gore. Initially, “30 Days of Night” seemed different. The first ten minutes of the film very effectively built up a sense of dread, that something terrifying is coming to prey on the residents of Barrow, Alaska. [...]

Resurrecting the Champ

August 24, 2007
There are many moral issues resurrected in this film. The difference between right and wrong, accepting the consequences of one’s actions, forgiveness, and setting the record straight are all positive moral aspects of "Resurrecting the Champ". The messages run deep in this well written and [...]

The Black Dahlia

September 15, 2006
"The Black Dahlia" is a "who done it" crime film such that by the middle of the film you don't care who done it, you just wish for the film to end. There is no character development and it is hard to follow exactly what is going on. The story is not told very well and they try too hard to imitate [...]

Lucky Number Slevin

April 7, 2006
Bruce Willis seems to be drawn to movies that rarely have happy endings and this one is no different. This film was reminiscent of an Elmore Leonard movie in its twists and turns but unfortunately, around every corner someone is being graphically murdered in cold blood. From past to present to [...]

Wicker Park

September 3, 2004
Matthew and Lisa had a true and deeply rooted love that kept them wholly devoted to one another. Unfortunately, a twist of lies wrenches the two apart, which culminates in a surprising ending. The film demonstrates how lies can cause great destruction in people’s lives and can have a rippling [...]

40 Days and 40 Nights

March 1, 2002
Since his girlfriend, Nicole (Vinesa Shaw), left him, Matt Sullivan (Josh Hartnett) can’t get her out of his mind. And it’s interfering with any new relationship, particularly during sex. Despite frequent confessions to his brother, John (Adam Trese), who’s studying for Catholic priesthood, [...]

Black Hawk Down

January 18, 2002
Ridley Scott, director of "Gladiator," fills the screen at least ninety percent of the time with violent and sometimes bloody battle scenes. Legs and arms go flying and a bloody leg wound gushes up close and personal. This is a war movie with a capital ‘W,’ and one won’t find much humor [...]

Pearl Harbor

May 25, 2001
THE GOOD:...This incredible epic is unlike any war movie you’ve ever seen before, delivering heroism and tragedy that’s real and tangible. It’s a glimpse into our nation’s past capturing the realism of war with historical filmmaking techniques and digital special effects that go [...]

Virgin Suicides

April 21, 2000
On the heels of the cynical, yet Award-winning “American Beauty” comes this next attack on suburban life. Sensitive, but often amusingly macabre, “The Virgin Suicides” tells us that the family religion (here, Catholism, but I think the producers see any religious upbringing as antiquated) [...]

Here On Earth

March 24, 2000
The film contains a moving performance by Ms. Sobieski (“Joan of Arc”), but Klein’s Kelly is so selfish and inconsiderate, he’s downright unlikable. It is Jasper who learns life lessons and reveals a true loving nature for Samantha. There are mostly good family relations and, for once, [...]