actor: Julia Stiles

The Bourne Ultimatum

August 3, 2007
This film is the third in the series and finds Jason Bourne searching for the clues to his past. With plenty of action-packed sequences including fantastic chase scenes with very little blood or death, the story is substantial enough that it will make sense to those who have not seen the previous [...]

The Prince and Me

April 2, 2004

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This is a film about big decisions and priorities in life. It’s about knowing the difference between a personal desire and what’s really important. "The Prince and Me" shows two people who make right decisions in spite of the grief and sorrow they may face. The film is both hilarious, keeping [...]

A Guy Thing

January 17, 2003
The film makes a statement about the benefits of telling the truth over deception; Paul makes a moral decision based on the truth while facing his fears. However, the film contains obscenities, profanity, sexual innuendo, crude humor and some [...]


August 31, 2001
The storyline in "O" is based on Shakespeare's "Othello." The movie has many strengths that are unfortunately overtaken by its shortcomings. ..... Thankfully, “O” is not a contemporary group of actors butchering the bard's original dialogue as was attempted with miserable results in [...]

Save The Last Dance

January 12, 2001
Aimed at a young audience, “Save the Last Dance” teaches valuable lessons about the evils of bigotry and about the need for selfless acts in maintaining relationships. But it’s not aimed at adults. Those who still ride on big yellow buses may enjoy the earnestness of the cast and the [...]


May 12, 2000
“Hamlet” is a tragic story, complete with love, hate, revenge, indecision, loss, and much violence. Today’s audience may enjoy the up-centuried look, but its star left me cold. Hawke, renowned for his James Dean sullenness, is a fine actor, but here finds it difficult to muster any [...]