actor: Katt Williams

Father Figures

December 22, 2017
Father Figuresis one of those movies that is way over the top in some ways and is very funny in certain scenes for that very reason. In the beginning of the movie, a doctor is checking a man's prostate and makes the comment, "Good news. I found your keys!" You immediately know this one will be [...]

Cats and Dogs:The Revenge of Kitty Galore

July 30, 2010

Dove Approved for All Ages

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a few lines in this film which caused me to laugh out loud, something I don't do all the time at the movies. The adults can enjoy this one as well as the kids. At a center for the dogs in this movie, a friendly voice on the intercom congratulates a canine for the [...]

First Sunday

January 11, 2008
“First Sunday” is an hilarious comedy about two men who, following a bad situation, need money and need it fast. They find themselves in a church service on Sunday morning and get the idea to rob the church to get the money they need. In doing so, they also find something else…Faith. The film [...]